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Mini Canvas:



Painting a mini-canvas to express an emotion. Students select a specific emotion and paint a design or image which strongly reflects that emotion. Focus is on using colours, line and shape as the important elements rather than just an image of a “sad” person. Mixed media and texture effects are encouraged.


  •          Mini canvases. (10 x 10cm, 1cm thick)
  •          Acrylic paints
  •          Paintbrushes
  •          Texture and gel medium
  •          Black artline pens
  •          Other mixed media as required
  •          Gloss varnish


  1. Pick an emotion and write down all the colours, lines, shapes, expressions, words and symbols that come to mind about that emotion.
  2. Sketch a design for the mini canvas
  3. If there is a base colour, sponge this on first, doing multiple layers if needed. If using texture, put the texture medium on first and allow it to dry, then do the base coat. Be sure to cover the sides of the canvas too.
  4. Paint other elements of the design, adding any drawing or mixed media after the paint dries. Make sure it reflects the emotion.
  5. Once finished it is a good idea to varnish the paint work.


  • Finished mini canvases can be combined and glued onto a larger canvas. Arrange a dozen evenly spaced in a rectangular shape. More than 12 can make the larger canvas a bit heavy and it sags in the middle.
  • Students like to present and explain their choices of colour line etc
  • Limitations can be added…eg. No words allowed, or it must have a face, or it must use only one colour, use a particular artwork as inspiration etc.


Mini canvas Art

Kids Art Canvas

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